1. A Dubai E-Sports participant is a team or player that is participating in Dubai E-Sports Championship.
  2. Team Sheet – a complete listing of all the players, organizers, and managers that are registered to the team in the specific tournament and have to be created by all teams. When a team wants to add a new player, organizer, manager or any other participant to any team, they need to update and submit the team-sheet before adding the player.
  3. Team Manager – must be at least 18 years old. The team manager is responsible for the day to day running of the team, such as writing match statements, recording members’ ear temperature, updating and maintaining the roster, and in general being the contact person of the team. This person is responsible for keeping himself and the team updated with regards to rules and regulations around the Dubai E-sports Championship. The team manager is eligible to play for the team in a match.
  4. Team Captain – is the in game leader of the team. The team captain is the only person in the team allowed to protest, make comment, or in general communicate about issues during the progress of the match.
  5. Live Matches – refers to matches that take place in a public location, during events, matches.
  6. The Games used in this season of the Dubai E-Sports Championship is Dota 2


  1. All participants of Dubai E-Sports Championship have to be over 18 years of age before their required arrival.
  2. A team players home country is the country where his main place of residence is. If there is no such majority, a team may have no home country or even no home region. In that case, the team cannot take part in qualifiers.
  3. Player Accounts: Each participating member must have his personal details entered in his profile, this includes:
  • Real Name (must be public)
  • Photo (must be a current photo, must be clearly recognizable)
  • Place of residence
  • Country
  • Birth Date
  • Game Account
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