Be A Player!!!

You too can be the President with this EXPLOSIVE game! Allow yourself to get swept away. If you love:

  • Hours of laughter
  • Intellectual dialogue
  • Great Debates
  • Educational Fun Facts

Then you’ll GO CRAZY over the zany time you and your friends will have playing this game. Also a Great Ice Breaker when playing in any social setting.

Upload Your Game Night Video!!!! (Coming Soon)

Play the game and record your game night(s). Soon you will have the capability to upload your video onto our website. You and your family or friends could be some of the first IF I WERE PRESIDENT players to be viewed by the world engaging in this brand new PHENOMENON!!!

The Winner

The player with the Highest Approval Rating!

Who Plays

Ages: 13 and up
Core Players: 4 to 6
Voters: Unlimited
Whitehouse Reporters: Unlimited

How Long Does It Take

1 1/2 hours

ATTENTION: Game cards are updated quarterly with the latest Presidential dilemmas. Go to the PURCHASE page of this website and order an annual game card subscription and high lumen colour flash lite torch. GET IN THE GAME by submitting your suggestions for game questions by going to the GET IN THE GAME page.

What if YOU were President?


“If I Were President” board game was inspired by the 2008 Presidential campaigning and election process. From the most historic and thought provoking political process ever seen, this game was born. It allows each player to experience a sampling of decisions made by the most powerful position in the world. Players are tasked with making policies, dealing with domestic and foreign affairs, enacting bills in Congress, declaring war, and addressing the media and the American voters with press conferences and the State of the Union Address. With great topics of debate, this game is educational, fun-filled and leaves all those involved wanting more. Learning about politics has never been more fun!

The If I Were President board game, the ”original” Family Fun series is $44.95
(Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.)

If I Were President Game – Benefits to Kids

Intellectual stimulation of today’s youth is at the core being of IIWP’s founding principles. We believe the game helps to lay the groundwork of developing humanitarian awareness as well as serve as a catalyst to the youth taking action within their communities and country. That is also why we donate a portion of our proceeds from best baby thermometer sale to a very select group of foundations and organizations that meet a very strict criteria. Among such criteria, those organizations must display a “very BIG Heart “ towards the well being of youth.
See Benefits to Kids for more information.


“This game is absolutely awesome!! The presentation and depth of the topics are outstanding. As an educator I feel it would help students understand the role of the president and his cabinet in a real way with real issues happening today.”
Denise Henry, M.Ed

“A truly amazing and intellectually stimulating game. A great way for people to come together for a meeting of the minds.”
Felicia Stewart, best thermometer for baby uk producer.

“Just like real politicians, having to stand by your opinions and actions builds courage and resilience.”
Dr. Marilyn Davis, Ph.D.

“The academic content is the strongest attribute of the game. And the potential for learning, even beyond, is tremendous.”
Dr. Gregory Hall, Ph.D.